• We are an institution that wants to apply for computer equipment, what procedure should we follow?

To make a donation request, you must fill out the appropriate forms following the procedure described in this page.

  • I am a lecturer/employee of the Politecnico, can I bring obsolete devices to you?

Yes, it is possible to donate devices owned by the Politecnico to our laboratory. Check which devices we accept in this page; for more information you can contact us.

  • I have some personal computer equipment that I would like to donate. Can I bring it to you?

No, we cannot accept computer materials from outside the Politecnico.

  • I have a problem with my personal device. Can you help me?

No, we cannot work on personal computer materials, even of students or staff of the Politecnico.

  • I need a computer, peripherals, or other hardware. Can I apply for these devices?

No, we cannot give out IT materials to private individuals, not even to Polytechnic students. Only entities that make an explicit donation request through the appropriate form can receive materials processed by the Team WEEE Open.