Main Projects

Hardware repair

Hardware repairs are the beating heart of the WEEE Open team.

Repairers are in the business of reconditioning the hardware of old computers to build working machines, meeting minimum standards for the smooth use of common office and educational software. From a simple change of RAM to soldering replacement parts, the hardware repairer performs a wide range of operations to recover as much electronics as possible and to extend the useful life of these products.



The team produces and uses its own software to simplify repair and organization procedures.

Il nostro software è principalmente scritto in Python ma in certi casi vengono impiegati altri linguaggi come PHP, Bash, Java, ecc…

The software developer is responsible for creating and maintaining useful graphical applications for repair procedures, utilities for device analysis, and more.


The team's electronics section designs and builds advanced harware tools for debugging and analyzing specific hardware components.

The electronic can take on a variety of projects such as advanced function testing of RAM and power supplies or building analog circuits for reuse projects of old electronics.

Software for students

Oltre al software per utilizzo interno, il team sviluppa software per la comunità studentesca in maniera libera e gratuita.

Software developers on these projects will work with advanced libraries and frameworks to build tools and platforms useful for students' daily study.

Nello specifico al momento abbiamo le divisioni frontend (con ReactJS – JavaScript), backend (con FastAPI – Python), machine learning (con PyTorch – Python), e design.

Side projects

Creative reuse

We try to find a use for all the material we we salvage, and in these cases creativity plays an essential role.

Anyone can try their hand at creative reuse projects of material that is obsolete or nonfunctional to create objects or simple tools to maximize recovery!


Content creation

The WEEE Open team tries to spread its knowledge through as many media as possible, and notable among them are the most common social networks.

The content creator is responsible for producing multimedia content for these platforms, spreading our environmental ethics and commitment to recycling and reuse.



The team relies on a range of software, much of it designed in-house, to operate as efficiently as possible. This area of the team is responsible for managing the infrastructure necessary for their proper operation and ensures their security, providing team members with the availability of the tools they need on a daily basis.

Sysadmin activities range from normal administration to troubleshooting, via server management, service integration, monitoring, and data and backup management.