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Foto commemorativa a donazione conclusa

100 and counting!

It was an evening in late September when we gathered to write the activity report, a document in which we not only discuss the goals we reached in the past year, but also the ones we intend to reach in the coming one. And it was during the writing of that document that a number started to pop up - a number we wanted to reach since the inception of the team and that was now within grasping distance thanks to our increased member count and the availability of new equipment and simpler procedures: donating 100 PCs in one year.

We are then proud to announce that with the donation of July 2022 to Istituto Comprensivo Regio Parco comprised of 25 complete PC stations we not only reached this goal but also donated more than 200 PCs since the foundation of the team! 🎉

We have to thank all current and past team members for this fantastic achievement, for it's only thanks to the contribution of each one of us if we are here today, continuing to help schools and reduce the carbon footprint of our university. Even if "only" eight of us are in this photo, behind the scenes many more contribute to our operation in various ways, for example creating the beautiful customized wallpapers that we installed on the PCs donated in this batch.